Breaking Free and Taking Action: Begining the empowered selfcare journey

Everything you need to embark on the journey to freedom from the crossroads and into a life of fitness, health, empowerment and balance!

Before you can even begin, YOU first have to make the decision to change the direction of your life. This usually starts with some real self-reflection and truth. For instance, where do think you first got off course, where are you now, and what specific things do you need to do in order to make those changes.. Once you arrive at these answers, you have taken the first step towards gaining control of your fitness, health, and life.

Yes you've tried all the fad diet schemes, pills, counted points, etc, but where has that gotten you? I know how frustrating and overwhelming it can be to feel like you're trapped in an endless cycle (i.e. hamster wheel going no where) with no way out!

Pssst! Can I tell you something?
I burned through over 2,000 dollars over a 2 year period at a hip and yes, over-priced gym because they promised me tons of support, classes, and amenities! GUESS WHAT?
They conveniently forgot to mention the fact that all those "extras" came with an additional cost. Want to know the really frustrating part of it all? Instead of losing weight I actually gained a few more pounds on top of what I was desperately trying to lose! Grrrrh!! Eventually, with the help of great support and my FitTribe of female warriors for health, I renewed my commitment to getting healthy and got the true support and help i needed to change my life!
Now I've dedicated my time to other real women, who really struggle with their weight, relationship with food, and self-image. I'm here for all my fellow women who are feeling so over whelmed that they can't see their way past their current situation.

Your Instructor

Tonye Tariah
Tonye Tariah

I am a quirky and fierce warrior for women's empowerment, fitness and health! It's no accident that the struggle women face in this area is so uniquely complex! From battling to get off the hamster wheel of o.p.e. (aka, the altar of other people's expectations, socio-cultural pressures, etc), to striving against the toxic strictures of patriarchy in both our personal and private lives, we women have work to do!

Struggling to meet the unrealistic expectations and perceptions about what our bodies should look like, who controls them, are all issues that get thrown into the mix. I too, have been on that crazy hamster wheel of literally agonizing and bargaining with my scale trying to make my body and my life, shape up to my expectations and my own skewed self-image. While it is not an easy journey by any measure, I came to the realization that the struggle to gain control over my life could be achieved and celebrated by reclaiming my power through the transformational processes of the empowered self-care journey. Getting fit, healthy, centered and fierce are all part of the rewards when you brave and yes, get fed up enough to change your life for the better. Now, it's time for me to pay it forward by helping other women achieve victory over their lives through fitness and health!

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